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Quotex Withdrawal Processing: Everything You Need to Know

Quotex Withdrawal Processing: Everything You Need to Know

Quotex is a popular online broker with trading conditions that customers love. But when it comes to withdrawing your profits, how does Quotex perform?

Withdrawal is a make-or-break function for traders, so we’ll explore how Quotex processes withdrawals and common problems that traders face.


Quotex is a popular online broker with trading conditions that customers love. But when it comes to withdrawing your profits, how does Quotex perform? 

Withdrawal is a make-or-break function for traders, so we’ll explore how Quotex processes withdrawals and common problems that traders face. 


Withdrawing your hard-earned cash from your Quotex account is a quick and easy process. You can do it easily through your account, and your selected deposit method is also what you will use for withdrawal. For example, if you deposited funds into your account using the Visa payment system, you would withdraw funds using the same payment method. 

Withdrawing large sums is often nerve-wracking for traders. However, Quotex makes withdrawing large funds a simple process. The company may require verification at its discretion, but that’s just to keep things safe and secure. 

To withdraw funds from your Quotex account, log in and navigate to the “Withdrawals” option. 

Quotex withdrawal

You’ll see all the available payment processors on the screen.

Quotex withdrawal methods

Select a deposit method that matches your preference. If you choose to deposit fiat currency, you will need to provide your card details. On the other hand, if you choose to withdraw crypto, you will need to enter your wallet or wallet ID.

Quotex withdrawal processing 1

Once you’ve successfully entered all the required information, click “Next.” A 6-digit PIN code will be emailed to you. Enter the number and click Confirm. Voilà! Your request was submitted successfully. 

Now, go to the header and click on “Transactions.” All entries are displayed with the most recent at the top.

Quotex transaction history


Are you wondering what the best withdrawal method for you would be? We will cover them one by one for your convenience. 


A great option for processing withdrawals can be Visa or MasterCard. Go to the withdrawal section, select the Visa or MasterCard option, and enter the withdrawal amount. However, remember that there may be a fee of up to 5% from your carrier.


Quotex offers local bank transfers in many countries, allowing you to withdraw money through online banking. Depending on your country of origin, you can also use E-wallets like Perfect Money, Advcash, JazzCash, etc. 


Stablecoins are an easy and safe way to withdraw funds without worrying about price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. 

Withdrawal fees will not be charged, and the amount will be moved within an hour after submitting the withdrawal request.


One of the most popular withdrawal strategies is via Bitcoin. It’s safe, easy to use, and best of all, it’s fast. However, you must verify your identity before you can use this option. Quotex does not charge any fees for Bitcoin withdrawals.


Ethereum is another great option for withdrawing funds. When selecting a withdrawal, simply select Ethereum as the withdrawal medium. The payout amount will be reflected in your entry within one hour after the company has verified your recognizable proof.


Withdrawing funds via altcoins is similar to Bitcoins. The online specialist does not charge additional costs when withdrawing funds via altcoin. The payout amount moves in no time after confirmation. 


Quotex is all about transparency and ensuring you get the most out of your trades. They determine the profit percentage associated with each instrument which varies depending on economic events, asset liquidity, and trade execution time. This means you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible. 

For example, let’s say you’re trading the EUR/USD pair at a 90% return — if you invest $100 and correctly predict the price movement over the specified time frame, you will receive $90 on that trade. 

Quotex doesn’t charge any fees for trades and does not charge fees for withdrawals and deposits. However, remember that payment gateways and intermediaries may charge fees depending on your chosen payment method. But don’t worry! Quotex will always let you know if any fees are associated with your chosen payment method.


While Quotex is not banned from operating in any country, it does not operate in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, EEA, and Russia. 


Quotex knows how to treat its traders right! They offer bonuses ranging from 10% to 50% of the deposit amount, letting you get the most out of your trading experience. 

If you’re looking for an excellent way to increase your initial trading funds and a great incentive to trade with Quotex, you’ll be glad to know that you can receive a welcome bonus of up to 50% of your deposit. This is an excellent way to start trading or give your trading funds a little extra boost. 

Note that the bonuses are meant to boost your buying power; you cannot withdraw the bonus amount directly. 


It is possible to cancel withdrawals to Quotex after initiating the transaction. Follow these steps if you want to cancel a withdrawal transaction:

  1. Go to the Quotex home page, and from there, click on the “Payouts” option.
  2. When redirected to a new screen, click on the transaction node.
  3. Because recent entries are shown at the top, you don’t need to enter any details to find the entry you want to undo.
  4. Check the transaction status.
  5. You can only cancel a transaction whose status is “Waiting for confirmation” by clicking next to the status.

It’s that simple. If you’re still having trouble canceling your withdrawal transaction with Quotex, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. 


Having trouble withdrawing funds from Quotex? Here are some troubleshooting tips. 

First things first: you need to make sure your account is fully verified. This means uploading a supporting document to your account. Quotex uses this system to ensure users are safe on the platform and not participating in any shady activities. 

Quotex may ask you to confirm your payment method and provide documents that confirm the withdrawal is made to the account owned by the trader. This is an important measure against hackers and ensures your funds are secure. Be sure to watch for any emails from the support team. 

If you still have trouble withdrawing funds with Quotex, don’t hesitate to ask for support. We’re here to help you every step of the way!


How to withdraw money from a Quotex account?

Head to your dashboard, click “Withdrawal,” choose your payment method, enter the amount and payment details, and click “Continue.” 

What is a “purse”?

Crypto wallets are referred to as purses in Quotex. You need them while withdrawing your money from the account. 

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

It takes up to 72 hours to withdraw your funds. The time frame mostly depends on the payment processor. 

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal limit is $10 for most payment processors. However, it’s $50 for the crypto wallet withdrawal. 

Do I need any documents for withdrawal processing?

Usually, Quotex does not ask you for documents when you withdraw. However, if the withdrawal amount is higher than usual or the broker suspects phishing or hacking, it may ask you for additional verification. 

Does Quotex report a user’s information to tax authorities?

No, Quotex does not share any information with third-party entities. 

Does the trading platform impose any condition on deposit bonus withdrawal?

There is no condition on withdrawal of your capital or profit. However, there are certain conditions related to bonuses, so be sure to read the conditions of each bonus carefully.