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Quotex in Brazil: How to Deposit Money with Bank Cards and Other Methods

Quotex in Brazil: How to Deposit Money with Bank Cards and Other Methods

Deposits on Quotex are simple in Brazil using bank cards, crypto, or e-payments. With a minimum deposit of 49.09 BRL, and deposit bonuses of up to 35%, Brazilians can start trading today!


Depositing on Quotex in Brazil has never been easier. We have highlighted all you need to know about the deposit process below.

Quotex in Brazil


Quotex in Brazil features multiple deposit methods, account verification, a minimum deposit of 49.09 BRL, free deposits, varying processing times, and up to 35% deposit bonuses.

Here are the facts you should know about depositing on Quotex in Brazil:

  • Quotex in Brazil offers multiple funding methods to deposit money into your trading account. These methods include bank transfers, credit or debit card payments, electronic wallets (such as Perfect Money), and cryptocurrency transfers.
  • Quotex in Brazil requires you to complete an account verification process before depositing funds. This process involves providing identification documents, proof of address, and additional documents if you are depositing through bank cards.
  • Quotex in Brazil allows you to open an account with a minimum deposit of 49.09 Brazilian Real.
  • Depositing on Quotex Brazil is free. The only fees may come from the institutions facilitating the deposit process.
  • The processing time for the deposit options on Quotex Brazil varies. Bank transfers, for example, may take a few business days, while credit card or e-wallet deposits are usually processed in real time or within a few hours.
  • Quotex in Brazil offers deposit bonuses of up to 35%. These bonuses are optional and are selected during the deposit process.
  • Quotex in Brazil has a robust payment policy. One of the deposit policies is that the client acknowledges and accepts that the payment systems available on the trading platform are not affiliated with the company. Specifically, the company bears no responsibility for any disruptions in the payment system’s functioning, such as delays in receiving funds or instances where funds are not received in the client’s account. These policies are on the Quotex website.


To deposit on Quotex in Brazil, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the deposit button.
  2. Choose a payment method.
  3. Enter the deposit amount.
  4. Select your bonus.
  5. Confirm the payment.

Let’s walk through each of these steps.

1. Click on the Deposit Button on the Trading Platform

The green “Deposit” button is located on the upper right part of the trading platform. Click on it to begin the deposit process.

Deposit button
Deposit button

2. Choose the Payment Method

After clicking the “Deposit” button, you will be prompted to choose a payment method. Select a payment method from those provided (i.e., bank cards, cryptocurrency, or e-payment).

payment methods Brazil
Payment options

3. Enter the Deposit Amount

Enter the deposit amount on the allocated space. There are limits to the amount you can deposit depending on the payment method you chose in the previous step.

Deposit amount
Deposit amount

4. Choose a Deposit Bonus If You’d Like

Deposit bonuses, which are optional, go up to 35%. You can choose a bonus on the right side of the screen.

Deposit bonuses
Deposit bonuses

5. Confirm the Payment

The final part of the deposit process on Quotex in Brazil is to confirm payment. This is done by clicking the blue “Deposit” button.

Confirm payment
Confirm payment


Quotex has a minimum deposit of 49.09 Brazilian Real.


Quotex in Brazil offers various deposit and payment methods. They include local bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and e-payments.


Quotex allows you to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Pay, and Binance USD for deposits into your account.

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies

  1. Cryptocurrency is often seen as a hedge against inflation, as the value of many traditional currencies tends to decline due to inflation. Bitcoin, for instance, has a predetermined limit on the total number of coins that will ever exist. As the growth in the money supply outpaces the growth in the supply of Bitcoin, its price will likely increase. Many other cryptocurrencies also employ mechanisms to cap their supply, safeguarding against inflation. Bitcoin specifically has a finite quantity of 21 million coins, as defined in the ASCII computer file. Therefore, as demand rises, the value of Bitcoin is likely to appreciate, acting as a long-term inflation hedge.
  2. Cryptocurrency transactions offer the advantage of quick transfers. Compared to traditional methods in Brazil, such as interbank transfers, cryptocurrency transactions can be completed within minutes. 
  3. Cryptocurrencies facilitate cost-effective global fund transfers. Transactions conducted using cryptocurrencies often incur minimal or zero transaction fees, as they eliminate the need for intermediaries like VISA to verify and process transactions.
  4. Cryptocurrencies represent a new model of decentralization for money, countering the monopoly of a single currency and freeing money from centralized control. Government organizations do not dictate the value and circulation of cryptocurrencies, which crypto enthusiasts believe enhances their security.

Disadvantages of Using Cryptocurrencies

  1. Cryptocurrency transactions may not have the same level of customer support as traditional banking systems. If you encounter issues or need assistance with your Quotex cryptocurrency transactions, the avenues for support may be limited.
  2. Cryptocurrency transactions are typically irreversible. Once the transaction is done, it can’t be easily reversed or canceled.


E-payments use virtual platforms that allow individuals to store and control their financial information, such as bank account details, credit and debit card information, and other payment methods.

Advantages of Using E-payments

  1. E-payments offer privacy advantages by allowing you to deposit without revealing your bank account or credit card details to Quotex. This can help protect your financial information from potential data breaches or unauthorized access.
  2. E-wallets often have features that help you manage your finances more effectively. You can track your transaction history, set spending limits, and receive notifications about your account activity. These tools can assist you in monitoring and controlling your expenses.
  3. E-wallets can be accessed through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This enables you to make deposits on Quotex in Brazil from anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing overall accessibility and convenience.

Disadvantages of Using E-payments

  1. Compared to traditional payments like credit cards, e-payment systems often offer limited consumer protection in case of disputes or fraudulent transactions. Resolving such issues might involve complex processes and may not always guarantee a favorable outcome for the user.
  2. E-payment methods heavily rely on internet connectivity. If you face internet connectivity issues or power outages, you may encounter difficulties completing transactions or accessing your e-payment accounts.

Local Bank Transfers

Quotex allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to the bank account of Quotex in Brazil.

Advantages of Using Bank Transfer

  1. Using bank transfers, you don’t need to create or maintain additional third-party accounts or wallets. You can directly transfer funds from your bank account to Quotex without intermediaries.
  2. Bank transfers usually have higher deposit limits compared to other methods. If you plan to deposit substantial amounts to Quotex in Brazil, a bank transfer can more effectively accommodate your needs.
  3. Banks are regulated financial institutions subject to strict guidelines and oversight. This regulation provides an additional layer of trust and accountability when transferring funds through a bank transfer.

Disadvantages of Using Bank Transfers

  1. Bank transfers typically take longer to process compared to other funding methods. The funds can take several business days to be credited to your trading account. This delay may be inconvenient if you want to start trading quickly.
  2. Depending on your bank, bank transfers may be subject to transaction fees. These fees can vary and may be higher than those associated with other deposit methods.
Local bank transfer
Local bank transfer


Brazilians who deposit into their accounts are eligible for great bonuses.

Bonus on deposit

If you deposit over 245.64 Brazilian Real, you are eligible for a 10% bonus. If you deposit over 491.29 Brazilian Real, you are eligible for 25%. 

If you deposit over 737.74 Brazilian Real, you will be eligible for a bonus of 30%. And if you deposit more than 1,475.49 Brazilian Real, you are eligible for a bonus of 35%.

These bonuses are optional for Brazilian traders making deposits on Quotex.


The Quotex deposit process faces a few challenges.

  1. Negative balance protection is not provided for traders, meaning they are not safeguarded against potential losses exceeding their account balance.
  2. Traders cannot file claims or complaints against the broker with any regulatory authority.
  3. The deposits made by clients do not include compensation mechanisms that could provide financial reimbursement in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Depositing funds on Quotex in Brazil has become incredibly convenient. The platform offers various funding methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, electronic wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. 

However, it is important to note that you must complete the account verification process before making a deposit, providing the necessary identification and proof of address. 

The minimum deposit amount on Quotex is 49.09 Brazilian Real, and the deposit process itself is free, although fees may apply from payment institutions. Processing times vary depending on the chosen method. Quotex also provides deposit bonuses of up to 35%, which are optional. 

Still, it is crucial to know that negative balance protection, regulatory claim submission, and deposit compensation mechanisms are not offered. Overall, Quotex offers a user-friendly deposit experience, but traders should also understand the associated risks and limitations.

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