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The Quotex Affiliate Program: Is It Worth Trying in 2024?

The Quotex Affiliate Program: Is It Worth Trying in 2024?

Discover the benefits of partnering with Quotex as an affiliate and learn how to earn high commissions. Join now and start earning!


Quotex is a great starting point for your affiliate marketing venture. The program is unique and has several key benefits, such as:

  • Up to 80% revenue share
  • Up to 5% turnover share
  • State-of-the-art platform

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of becoming a Quotex affiliate.


Quotex is a top-notch affiliate campaign that offers huge earning potential for marketers of all levels.

If you are seeking a high-quality affiliate campaign, Quotex may be worth taking a look at. Whether you are a pro marketer or a beginner, the program offers massive earning potential.

Keep reading to find all the details you need.


Follow these simple steps to get your Quotex affiliate links and start earning commissions from your referrals today.

Let’s begin the process by registering as a partner on the Quotex website. 

Open the website and click on the “JOIN US NOW” button.

Quotex partner homepage
Quotex partner homepage

The following screen will appear on the next page, where you will fill in your email and password, click on the “I agree to the terms” check box, and then click “Sign up.” 

Quotex Affiliate signup page
Quotex Affiliate signup page

That’s all you need to start. You are now registered and logged in to your affiliate dashboard. 

Quotex Affiliate Center dashboard
Quotex Affiliate Center dashboard

If you scroll a little lower, you’ll find your unique affiliate links. You will need to use those links to register your clients. 

Quotex affiliate links
Quotex affiliate links

You can monitor your dashboard to know the number of clicks your links received and the number of people who registered using your links. 


Quotex offers

Quotex is a binary options broker that provides a platform for traders to buy/sell options contracts. It acts as a facilitator and provides the following features:

  • Access to multiple trading instruments
  • A user-friendly trading platform 
  • Analytical tools and charts for market analysis 
  • Educational resources for beginners 
  • Customer support 
  • Multiple payment options for transactions 
  • Mobile trading 
  • A demo account for practicing trading strategies 
  • Leverage trading 
  • Access to real-time market news and updates. 


Once you have signed up, all you have to do is start promoting your link to clients. This is a performance-based program. You are compensated based on the client base that you build. 

Quotex affiliate mechanism
Quotex affiliate mechanism

Now comes the exciting part: how to promote your affiliate link.

The answer to that is right in your dashboard. Go to the “Promo materials” section of your dashboard, where you’ll find different landing pages and banner designs.

Quotex promo material
Quotex promo material

If you already have a website, you can place the banners in side widgets, in headers, and within the articles. You can also create separate landing pages and promote them through social media.

You can also promote your affiliate link by writing small social media posts and embedding links. You can list key features of the broker to entice the traders. You can also let the traders join the Quotex contests. 

What Are Quotex Affiliate Levels?

Quotex keeps its affiliate marketers motivated by providing different levels. The more significant the deposit, the higher the affiliate level. There are a total of seven levels, as seen in the table below:

LevelsCommission Monthly Deposit
Level 150%0-14
Level 255%15-49
Level 360%50-99
Level 465%100-199
Level 570%200-399
Level 675%400-699
Level 780%700+

The above levels show how much you can earn based on your monthly deposits.

The maximum share is 80%, with $700 and above deposits. However, you must get 10 first-time deposits to become eligible for the payment. 

Quotex Promo Codes

As a level 2 affiliate, you can get several discount codes from the company to share with new clients. You can use the codes to retain the existing traders as well. 

Quotex affiliate promo codes
Quotex affiliate promo codes


Find out why Quotex is the best binary options broker for affiliate marketers. Enjoy a positive user experience, high conversion ratio, transparent statistics, generous commission, and more.

There are several binary brokers out there, all with affiliate programs. However, the Quotex program is advantageous for many different reasons. Let’s pinpoint some of the most convincing reasons below.

Positive User Experience

Overall, the user experience is very positive. This is a big plus for affiliate marketers since they don’t have to push traders to sign up with the broker. 

Healthier Conversion Ratio

Due to its user-friendly platform and useful features, the conversion ratio for Quotex is much higher than other programs.

Usually, the conversion ratio for affiliate programs is not great — only about 2–3% — but it is around 6–8% with Quotex. 

Interactive Platform

The affiliate dashboard is interactive, with several features that can help scale up your affiliate marketing business.

You have a variety of links for Android and web users so you don’t miss any segment of your audience.

Transparent Statistics

You can access live statistics, including how many people clicked your links, signed up, and deposited. All the stats are transparent and updated live. 

Generous Commission

The available commission is competitive compared to other binary brokers. You can earn a minimum of 50% revenue share, and the maximum is 80%. 

Sub Affiliates

Once you have a strong team, you will enjoy the benefits of your team’s success with little effort. 

Multiple Withdrawal Options

You can redeem your earnings through several options, including e-wallets, bank transfers, and BTC. Quotex offers up to 98% return on investment, which is much higher than other binary brokers. 


Learn how to withdraw your affiliate earnings from Quotex in a few simple steps. Choose from multiple payment options and get your money within three days.

Your affiliate dashboard is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need to navigate to the “Withdrawal” tab to proceed with a withdrawal. 

Quotex affiliate withdrawal tab
Quotex affiliate withdrawal tab

Input your withdrawal amount and choose the payment method from the wallet tab.

Once you process your withdrawal, your payment status will be shown as “Pending” until it is processed. Usually, you can receive the withdrawal within three days. 


Quotex is an excellent broker offering its traders great features. Affiliate marketers can benefit from such features and attract clients, eventually earning income by promoting Quotex’s services.


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Discover the various Quotex chart types for online trading, including candlestick, linear, bar, and Heiken Ashi charts. Learn how to choose the best one for your trading style.

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Discover the benefits of partnering with Quotex as an affiliate and learn how to earn high commissions. Join now and start earning!